Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage

If you live in Hanoi and are part a member of the Facebook group ‘Hanoi Beautiful’ you have probably heard of the Tantric Yoni and Lingam/Yoni Massage workshops being held at Moon Yoga at the moment. They are run by a lovely woman, March. She holds space really well, entertains all questions with equal value and makes the 2 hours you spend with strangers touching a fake rubber vagina more relaxing than you might imagine it to be.

I first heard of Yoni massage about 2 years ago whilst on Koh Phangan, Thailand. There, there is a tantric school that I will leave nameless, who had built quite the reputation for sexually mistreating women in the name of sexual healing. Whilst I was on the island I had heard such bad rumours that were confirmed to me by full time yoga teachers working close to the school however; always came with the warning, yes that school isn’t great BUT Yoni massage done correctly is a beautiful experience.

To break it down if you’re still clueless here, Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina, well actually, depending on who you are listening to, it means womb/ sacred place/ source and is a symbolism of goddess Shakti. A Yoni Massage is something that is done 1 on 1 with a Yoni Massage therapist.What we are talking about today is a group workshop to learn Yoni massage techniques for you as a woman to practice on yourself or for you to offer other women. 

We started out by learning some fun facts about our Yoni’s, getting some surprising statistics about clitoral vs penetrative orgasms and how many nerve endings we have where. This was followed by a short anatomy lesson which inevitably led to some interesting questions and then onto the massage techniques . 

There are no live models or real vaginas on show, for obvious reasons, but instead March gave each of us a flesh-light. From the outside it looks like a torch from the 80’s, on the inside is a tiny, tiny rubber vagina, apparently based on a fetishized Japanese vagina?! 

After the giggles died down and the lube was applied, we were copying our teacher in different directions, strokes and techniques. These depended on the differences in clitoral roots and other such things you can also learn about. A testament to how comfortable we all were in the space held is that once the massage techniques section of the workshop was finished, every women had, without realising, carried on our discussions whilst still massaging our tony toys!

I don’t want to give away all of the information from the workshop, so let me say this: for a donation based experience and two hours to deepen your knowledge of how to connect with yourself, this really plants a seed and opens up new conversations about the power of the female, the connection we have with our vaginas and the conditioning we have all experienced without fully realising it.

Look deeper into Yoni philosophy from a tantric perspective, look at your own vagina in a mirror and observe how you feel. As a woman I feel it is hard to meet another who wouldn’t benefit from some form of sexual healing. Learning to accept yourself, your sexuality, your sexual preferences and the sexual mistakes of our past is a lot, so one step at a time and nourish yourself along the way.

Mae x