About 1

I’m a yoga teacher living in Hanoi, Vietnam, originally from the UK.

My journey started over 10 years ago – with bouts of depression and anxiety. I was introduced to the London Buddhist Centre to focus on meditation and acceptance of self. From there I began introducing gentle Asana into my life which, throughout life experiences and places visited, grew into a Vinyasa practice. Later, I travelled to Thailand to train in Ashtanga Vinyasa at the Orion Healing Centre in Koh Phangan.

I now teach multiple styles to students and practitioners of all ages, sizes and abilities. I’ve developed a passion for flying in aerial silk, sweating on the mat in natural flows. Restoring with blocks and bolsters when my body calls for those deep, loving asanas. 

I found these practices give me the tools to deal with difficult mentalities and situations as they arise, learning how to breath properly, to manipulate the breath, the heartbeat and nervous system allows for control over emotions and physical responses. 

Studying Yogic Philosophy gave me a foundation for accepting myself fully. Understanding that we all have the light and dark within us, and the way in which we nourish the light and dark will deeply affect the brains pathways. Using these practices you can start to re-wire the pathways of the mind to change your system 1 reactions and become less attached to the emotions that arise within.

I love sharing my knowledge and practice with those who connect with it through retreats, workshops, courses, private sessions and studio classes.